Top CPS Affiliate Networks in Canada

Top Affiliate Networks in Canada

An Affiliate network is an intermediary and resource/technology that enables Advertisers and Publishers (affiliates) to work together far more effectively. The Affiliate Network provides tracking mechanisms on banners and links so Advertisers can track if and how affiliates are driving traffic. Affiliate Networks also provide payment mechanisms, a sort of escrow service, where advertisers make payments to the network and the network, in turn, pays affiliates. Some Affiliate Networks also provide a directory of potential affiliates to work with. This way advertise can reach out and recruit for their affiliate program.

There are several lists and awards naming the top affiliate networks, but these are either for the USA, for Europe or world-wide. There has never been any focus on listing them specifically for Canada. The time has finally come where the size and growth in Affiliate Marketing in Canada dictates more attention.

The following is, therefore, a list of some of the top CPS Affiliate Networks in Canada. In this case, “top” is defined as Networks having the largest amounts of Advertisers that sell into Canada, the most brand name advertisers selling into Canada, the most affiliates in Canada or most revenue derived from affiliates in Canada. They are NOT listed in any specific order.





Rakuten Affiliate Network
One of the top Affiliate Networks in Canada. They have some of the top Retail Brands as clients and are aggressively making inroads throughout Canada as Canada continues to grow ecommerce sales. The majority of top affiliates belong to the Rakuten Network. Their target advertiser is one that already has an established ecommerce presence in Canada or a recognized name about to launch into ecommerce.





CJ by Conversant
CJ is one of the top Affiliate Networks in Canada as well. They also have some of the world’s and Canada’s leading Brands/eTailers on the Network and the majority of top affiliates in Canada are also part of their network. Their target advertiser is also one that already has an established ecommerce presence in Canada or a recognized name about to launch into ecommerce.





Of course, given it’s ubiquitous nature, Amazon holds the title as the default Affiliate Network for many publishers/affiliates. Most affiliates simply run Amazon Affiliate ads as their default entry in the industry as they start to figure out how best to leverage Affiliate Marketing.





Shareasale’s low cost of entry for Advertisers makes it an ideal network to attract plenty of up and coming ecommerce companies. Although they do not have as much or as deep a foot print into Canada (both on the Advertiser or Publisher side) as they would like, with a little focus they can capture a healthy amount of market share from entry level ecommerce stores getting started in Affiliate Marketing. Canada is full of those.




Although one of the top networks in the USA, they are a smaller “BIG” network in Canada. Nevertheless, Avantlink has focused on recruiting top quality advertisers and providing quality service ever since their entry into the country. Their solid reputation in the USA has followed them to Canada. Most of the larger affiliates/publishers already work with Avantlink, however they are still not as well known with the general Affiliate population.





PepperJam Affiliate Network
The PepperJam Affiliate Network is a combination from eBay’s own affiliate network, the merger of the Pepperjam network and the merger of Affiliate Traction. They have accumulated an impressive amount of Canadian ecommerce advertisers as well as services offered to both advertisers and publishers.





Clickbank is a massive Affiliate Network popular with digital selling advertisers and affiliates who promote digital goods, so ebooks, online programs. elearning, eguides, courses, How-To guides, etc. (products that do not need to be shipped, but rather downloaded or accessed online). Canada should be a growth region for Clickbank as the selling of digital goods and affiliate marketing is just starting to gain traction in the country. As more people realize that there are organizations such as Clickbank that can help them market their digital products, more Canadian merchants will signup for services such as Clickbank.




Affiliate Window
Affiliate Window, part of the Zanox Group, has become the top network in Europe and has made significant strides in the USA under the Affiliate Window name. Given the size, reach and capabilities of their network, they should be able to make solid in roads into Canada.







AffiliateWire, a division of RevenueWire, is an affiliate network for desktop downloads, subscriptions, digital products, and services. Affiliate Wire has global network of leading publishers who specialize in promoting digital goods such as PC optimization, anti-virus, driver software, personal security, backup software, data recovery, Mac optimization, and subscription services. Revenuewire is actually a Canadian company and has received various industry accolades not only for their affiliate network but recognition for the quality of their digital ecommerce platform.


IR logo


Impact Radius
Founded by a team who previously founded Commission Junction, and LeadPoint. Impact Radius has made a name for itself based on their technology, quality of platform and level of experience of their team. They are now starting to make some inroads into Canada.




LinkConnector has built a solid reputation in the USA and now has a handful of Canadian Advertisers/merchants or USA advertisers that sell into Canada.




MundoMedia has almost 2,000 advertisers worldwide, spanning verticals such as Mobile Apps, Games, Downloads and Entertainment. MundoMedia also happens to have a Canadian Office.




E-junkie provides a fully automated software service which allows merchants to manage their own affiliate programs. Their main focus is on digital/downloadable products. E-junkie is on this list because of their low barriers to entry, their pricing and simple to start program. These elements attract the newbies of the Affiliate Marketing world….and Canada is full of industry newbies on both the merchant/advertiser side and on the affiliate/publisher side.



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