Canadian Deals & Coupons Association

The Deals & Coupons sector in Canada is a lot larger than most realize

The Canadian Deals & Coupons Association is the voice of the entire deals & coupons industry in Canada. The CDCA provides insight, support, research, marketing tools and other services to the industry, all for the purpose of promoting the concept of Deal & Coupon marketing to brands and retailers and to further create excitement to consumers as to the shear amount of deals, coupons, freebies, etc that can be enjoyed in Canada.

The CDCA works with Retailers, Deal & Coupon providers, Deal & Coupon distributors, manufacturers, agencies, Bloggers, Affiliate Marketers, government, the media, technologies and service providers, all towards helping the overall deals and coupons industry in Canada thrive.

Affiliate Marketing and the Deals & Coupons sector will forever be intertwined.

The Deals & Coupons industry intermingles with a handful of other sectors. Deal providers that sell deals online also play in the eCommerce sector and for those selling local deals, they play in what is called local commerce. For coupon providers, coupon bloggers, coupon site or coupon distributors, they play in the world of shopper marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

Almost every online retailer in Canada that provides coupons, codes, or deals is also involved in Affiliate Marketing. In turn, there are hundreds of sites in the country dedicated to promoting coupons from online retailers, all being paid from Affiliate Marketing business models.

As such, Affiliate Marketing and the Deals & Coupons sector are married and will continue being so.


The Deals & Coupons Ecosystem

The Canadian Deals & Coupons Association has put together the most indepth look into the industry through 2 key documents: Their yearly Industry Report which describes the entire industry, its players and key aspects of the sector. It can be found on their site. The second is what they call “The Deals & Coupons Ecosystem”. The ecosystem document is a visually representation of all the major players in the entire Deals & Coupons sector in Canada.

Not many realize how large the deals and coupons industry is in Canada. It’s impact on Retail Sales in Canada is quite significant. The industry impacts billions of dollars in retail sales every year. The ecosystem the CDCA put together clearly shows how extensive an industry this is, how many options Canadian consumers have to save, the many options that merchants and retailers have in terms of Deal & Coupon Marketing and how much depth the overall industry has.

There are also many exciting and promising business opportunities within this sector; be it in affiliate marketing, partnerships, acquisitions or other. BTW, this ecosystem document has already been shared over 120,000 times!

Here is the Canadian Deals & Coupons Ecosystem….provided by the Canadian Deals & Coupons Association

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