Mobile Commerce Stats from Rakuten Linkshare Network

Here are some interesting Mobile commerce numbers provided by Rakuten’s Linkshare for Q4 specifically for Canada.

More and more evidence is pointing towards the shopping habits of Canadians being skewed towards convenience, towards mobile. Consumers want to shop at any time, standing in line, waiting around, in transit, in meetings, etc. The only way to do that is through their Smartphone. The following numbers, along with other industry numbers on Mobile commerce show the continued growth in Mobile shopping in Canada.

Online businesses have been adapting to mobile for a few years now. However, have affiliate sites, bloggers, coupon sites, shopping comparison and other publishers adapted fast enough? What can they do to make themselves more known or improve their mobile experience?

The answers to this are a topic for another post. For now, have a look at Rakuten’s mobile stats for Canada:




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