Canadian excellence and leadership should be rewarded.

There are several lists and awards that rank the best or the top providers in the overall Affiliate Marketing industry, but none focus on Canada.

There’s mThink’s BlueBook of top 20 Affiliate Networks, Affiliate Summit’s Pinnacle Awards and then Network awards such as Rakuten’s awards and CJ’s CJYOU awards. However, up to now, there have been NO rankings or Awards for the Canadian Affiliate Marketing industry. We are working on changing this with the help of industry leaders.

Leaders in the Affiliate Marketing industry in Canada deserve to be recognized, highlighted, showcased and appreciated for their accomplishments. 



What You’ll Be Voting For

When voting begins, you’ll be voting for:
  • Affiliate Network of the Year
  • Affiliate Agency of the year
  • Advertiser Affiliate Program of the year
  • Overall Affiliate of the year
  • Coupon/Cash Back Affiliate of the year
  • Content Publisher of the year
  • Affiliate Marketer of the year
  • Affiliate Manager of the year
  • Affiliate Technology/Tool of the year



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