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It is worth repeating that our objective is to act as a resource for insight and a catalyst for networking and business development within the affiliate marketing industry in Canada. We’ll highlight the players doing it well, while giving inspiration to those who want to do it better.

We act more like a Media & Marketing Agency to promote the experts, the resources, the services, businesses and technologies in order for Affiliate Marketing to continue its growth curve in this country.  See below to review a sample of services.

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Marketing Agency Services

We act more as a marketing agency for the industry. Our objective is to market your business, your affiliate program, affiliate product, technology or affiliate services. Not only do we have our own marketing vehicles available for you to promote yourself to your target audience ( articles, newsletters, case studies, content distribution, webinars, custom events, directories, etc), but we also have an extensive network that we can both leverage to carry out PR & Marketing campaigns for you. Let us know how we can help. We can provide:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Affiliate Marketing PR & Communication services; promoting your messaging to our Canadian network
  • Advertising vehicles through us or our network
  • Sponsorship opportunities


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Research, Surveys & Best Practices

We provide research reports, surveys of the industry and data around Affiliate Marketing in Canada. Talk to us if you would like custom reports to be produced for your team.

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We have put together a set of services and benefits available only to Members of the Association. Request your Membership guide and evaluate whether becoming a member of the association is beneficial for you.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Over the years, we have built a position and network in the eCommerce, Deals & Coupons, Online Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Sectors in Canada that has enabled us to facilitate mergers & acquisition. If you are a Buyer, we can help source qualified acquisitions. If you are a Seller, we can help source interested Buyers. Are you an Affiliate business looking to expand through acquisition or exit through a sale? Contact us so we can learn more about your objectives.


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Rankings & Awards

Canadian excellence and leadership should be rewarded. We produce the Canadian Affiliate Marketing Awards so as to highlight, showcase and appreciate those who are accomplished in Affiliate Marketing in Canada.


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Networking Opportunities

We facilitate networking opportunities throughout the Canadian Ecosystem. Be it private meetings, introductions, small events, seminars, or other. The goal is always the same; to interact with a Canadian based audience and establish business relationships for the Canadian industry. For premier members, we provide dedicated introductions/networking.


Consulting & Advisory

We have been advising companies in the online marketing and technology sectors in Canada for over 20 years. Contact us to discuss how we can best provide assistance. Here are some ways we can help:

  • For Advertisers: Blogger, Influencer Outreach, Affiliate Marketing Strategy & Education, Research, PR & Marketing your Affiliate Program, Assistance with the selection of Affiliate Networks, Affiliate Technologies, selection of Affiliate Agencies, Recruitment of Affiliates, etc. We DO NOT manage Affiliate Programs for Advertisers. For that we will refer you to excellent Affiliate Agencies that we work with.
  • For Affiliate Networks: Marketing to Advertisers & Affiliates, PR in Canada, Events, Partnerships, Research, etc
  • For Affiliate Agencies: Marketing to Advertisers, PR your business in Canada, Research, etc
  • For Affiliates: Advisory on overall strategy, Business Model, PR & Marketing of your service, Advertiser Revenue Relationships, Audience Recruitment, Strategic Partnerships, research, etc.



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