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Canadian eCommerce is going through a transformation; not just in growth but one of innovation and participation. The growth in Affiliate Marketing will not only come from the expansion of eTail from larger retailers, but rather the thousands of small offline retailers that will make the eventual journey online and the tens of thousands of entrepreneurs  who will either launch online businesses in the coming years or help promote them. 

Our vision is simple To help foster business development, innovation, business relationships and growth for online businesses and publishers, affiliates, marketers that promote them…..all within the context of performance or Affiliate Marketing, and all for Canada. We’ll also cultivate best practices and highlight the players that are doing it well, while giving inspiration to those who want to do it better. We anticipate that the impact Affiliate Marketing will have on online commerce in Canada will surprise many. This industry is growing quickly and absolutely full of creative, driven and passionate talent. We encourage all online marketers, be it on the advertiser side or publisher side, to seek further insight on how they can truly leverage Affiliate Marketing for their benefit. Connect with us



About Us, About the Industry

The Association (AMAC) brings together a community of like minded individuals, companies and resources with one goal in mind; to expand business opportunities within Affiliate Marketing in Canada. The Association provides a set of services and resources in order to facilitate business relationships, marketing, and business development between advertisers and those who promote them, all for Canada.

Affiliate Marketing has matured to being an integral part of any online business strategy and is now leveraged as an effective marketing tool by the majority of Canada’s top online retailers. However, there are still thousands of marketers that have either not leveraged the power of Affiliate Marketing just yet or that have tried Affiliate Marketing but need further support or guidance.

Affiliates, as they are called, are becoming more aware of the power and influence they have over consumer buying decisions. Promoting and marketing the online business or products of others and getting paid on a performance basis has become a viable business model. For these marketers, Affiliate Marketing provides an incredible set of business, revenue and marketing opportunities. As such, online businesses and Affiliates (publishers, bloggers, emailers, marketers, etc) are seeing more business development opportunities than ever before in Canada and AMAC will be present to help facilitate as best we can.


Our To-Do List

To help achieve our objectives, we will focus on the following:

  • Education & Awareness on the benefits of Affiliate Marketing to both online Advertisers and Publishers/Marketers (Affiliates)
  • Promoting Affiliate Marketing successes in Canada
  • Networking opportunities within Canada
  • Expand Business Development & Strategic Relationships in Affiliate Marketing in Canada

We Keep Good Company

Affiliate Marketing is all about partnering relationships and we have built valuable ones. Here are just some of the organizations we have partnered with in order to continuously promote Affiliate Marketing in Canada.


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The Affiliate Marketing sector in Canada is a lot larger than most realize. It’s growth and importance to the overall Canadian eCommerce and Online Business Industry will continue for years to come and is fostering a sense of excitement throughout the sector. We encourage any business that sells, promotes or markets good and services online to consider evaluating Affiliate Marketing as a key part of their overall strategy.

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