Join us at Rakuten's 2015 Affiliate Marketing Event in Toronto

Every year, Rakuten welcomes a select group of advertisers, affiliates, publishers, and industry insiders to their Symposium events around the world. On October 27th, they are once again welcoming the Affiliate marketing industry in Canada to their annual Symposium in Toronto.

If you are in the affiliate marketing sector in Canada, such as a coupon promoter, coupon blogger, coupon site or if you are a deal provider and have an affiliate program, or if you are an online retailer looking to learn more or network with other Affiliate Marketers then we highly recommend you attend this event and come network with others that are interesting in driving value within the Affiliate Marketing space in Canada.

The Affiliate Marketing Association of Canada is once again proud to be the Media Partner for this event.

Further information about the Rakuten Affiliate Symposium in Toronto can be found here.

See you there..

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