DX3 Canada Conference

Dx3 is Canada’s largest conference and trade show dedicated to digital marketing, digital advertising and digital retail. It brings agencies, brands, publishers and retailers together for two days of networking and education. Over 4000 professional visit and network at DX3 every year.

Dx3 will deliver the companies, people and ideas that clearly communicate how Canadian digital business needs to move forward. Dx3 Sessions deliver the best companies and brands in the world – all focused on how digital is redefining the customer journey from beginning to end.




Dx3 has been a strong proponent of Affiliate Marketing throughout the years and continues to highlight and showcase publishers, agencies, advertisers and other organizations at the event who play within the sector. In fact, the Affiliate Marketing Association of Canada is also a proud Media Partner for DX3.

As eCommerce evolves in Canada, as Affiliate Marketing matures, events like DX3 become even more important in order to distribute and promote the message and benefits of Affiliate Marketing to professionals in the online and digital world.



duncan_120x160Duncan Payne

Before the plunge to entrepreneurship Duncan was Executive Vice-President of Business Development Worldwide at dmg world media. In his 18 year stint at dmg he found himself in multiple roles learning the trade in sales on consumer events before moving into trade shows and publications. His knowledge and expertise across a number of diverse industries, from oil and gas to the skiing and food industries, have helped him bring fresh ideas to new projects, culminating in Dx3. Duncan is known for both his people and project management skills and when he is not launching new ventures or climbing mountains, you can find him on the field coaching one of Toronto’s youth rugby teams.


mike_cookeMike Cooke

Mike Cooke has over 30 years’ experience in the trade show industry and has launched many successful shows and businesses in his career. He spent 12 years as the CEO of dmg world media which became Canada’s largest trade show organizer under his stewardship. Mike is no stranger to the digital marketplace, as he was responsible for identifying and acquiring both ad:tech and iMedia, and was the architect of the strategy that developed them into the major global brands they are today.

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