Excellence and leadership should be recognized

Not many realize how active the Affiliate Marketing industry is in Canada. The sector certainly has more attention in the USA and the UK, but as eCommerce continues to expand in Canada, so does the importance and the impact of marketing strategies like Affiliate Marketing.

Up to now, there have been NO rankings or Awards for the Canadian Affiliate Marketing industry. Let’s change that! The Affiliate Marketing industry in Canada is full of vibrant and successful organizations, companies and services, all of which deserve to be recognized, highlighted, showcased and appreciated for their accomplishments.

We have launching the Canadian Affiliate Marketing Awards. It strives to recognize and showcase accomplishments in the Canadian Affiliate Marketing industry. Please go ahead and visit the Awards page for further information on voting, voting categories and criteria.





The Affiliate Marketing Ecosystem in Canada

As eCommerce continues to grow in Canada, so does the growth and importance of Affiliate Marketing.

What’s included in the landscape?

  • The top categories in Affiliate Marketing in Canada
  • Top companies in each category
  • Affiliate Networks popular in Canada
  • Affiliate Marketing service providers
  • A selection of of Affiliate Publishers
  • Affiliate Marketing Technology companies popular in Canada
  • What else should be added? Provide your feedback


Exclusive events, opportunities, insights into Affiliate Marketing in Canada.

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